One Earth Summit Organiser - Institute of Sustainability and Technology (IST)

Institute of Sustainability and Technology (IST) is a non-profit organization founded by Ms Poman Lo, Vice Chairman of Century City Group, in collaboration with HKUST Business School, with a joint mission to nurture the next generation of ESG talent through executive education, and to advance the sustainability agenda through interdisciplinary research and international conferences.

To nurture the next generation of ESG talent, IST creates a series of globallyrecognized training programs for business executives. Catering to the diverse context of Asian markets, IST seeks to establish robust impact measurement and management methodology as well as ESG ratings and benchmark standards for different sectors across Asia Pacific. To promote thought leadership and best practices, IST sponsors interdisciplinary research studies to provide compelling data to advance the agenda for sustainable development. For more details about the Institute, please visit

“Our collective goal is to mobilise the necessary capital to fuel innovative solutions for the most pressing environmental challenges, transforming competition into collaboration, dialogue into action, and transition risks into investment opportunities.  The event will mark the dawn of an impact revolution across Asia, setting new standards for environmental stewardship and purpose-driven investments. Together, we can empower innovations for a sustainable future and drive meaningful change – from Asia to the world.”
Prof Poman Lo

Founder of Institute of Sustainability and Technology